Anand Damani

Author Name : Jordan B. Peterson

Jordan Peterson is a contemporary philosopher, a professor of psychology and a social commentator. He is an influential thinker in current times known for his strong cultural and political views and critiques of political correctness. His books, self-authoring program, video lectures, and other works have helped many people improve on their current selves. This quote by Jordan is not in line with the existential reality. He has mistaken the purpose of life with the burden.
Life is always a celebration and all the burdens are formed in imagination. Everything in this universe is following natural laws and is in order. Only human beings behave in an erratic way as they do not yet know what is their role and purpose in existence. The purpose of life is not to bear any burden but to understand what is reality and aligning oneself and one’s actions with reality. Coexisting with other human beings and nature, and creating beautiful memories in every interaction is a simple evident purpose of living.