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Warren Buffet

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Warren Buffet

Before the knowledge of coexistence was discovered, Honesty was seen as an acquired trait that was practiced only by a few virtuous. Now that the underlying principle coexistence is fully understood, we know Human beings as species are uniform all over the world, having similar innate traits of goodness and righteousness.

The Potential inside everyone is infinite and no one is in any way cheap. The difference is all that is imbibed during the process of growing up. Human beings do things as per their understanding and the acts of dishonesty are mere the result of lesser understanding. Culture teaches a person a belief system that he finds a way to justify dishonesty and he does that assuming it to be correct.

The way out of the situation is to understand more. Go into the mindset of the dishonest person and identify the baggage of thoughts, culture, and upbringing he carries and why he resorted to dishonesty. Clarity of thought is what human beings are built with and they need to attain that status for every why and how that their imagination throws up.