Author: Richard Branson

Kevin Pattens

Author Name : Richard Branson

Richard Branson has enormously contributed to the business world and to humanity through his philanthropic works. The founder of Virgin Group, millions of people look up to him for inspiration and get motivation from his life journey. This quote by Richard encourages people to dream big and achieve extraordinary feats but, this is not really needed when you understand the existential reality.
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Dreams are the product of the power of imagination which has no boundations, no limits. One can dream whatever his imagination capability allows him and can achieve it too. But, the question is do human beings need to achieve everything they can dream of? The answer is No! In reality, a human being’s purpose is to satiate the needs of the physical body and the soul (life-atom). The former needs nourishment, comfort and ease while the needs of the latter are qualitative and permanent like understanding, love, trust, happiness, etc. Dreams should be in alignment with the needs of life, anything else is unnecessary and can be avoided.