Author: Plato


Author Name : Plato

Plato is one of the greats of philosophy whose contribution to mankind is unparalleled. We should be thankful to him for probing deeply into the nature of reality and remaining a torchbearer in philosophy for centuries. This quote was true when human beings were not enlightened about the principle of coexistence and is no longer valid. Plato was right in identifying that human beings can perceive reality through the mind. But he was off the track when he said- we can change our reality by changing our minds.
Providing nuggets of wisdom on popular sayings
“Reality is fixed and bound by existence, we must strive to align our perceived reality with actual reality.” Reality is fixed and how humans understand it shapes their actions. Reality is what is in existence: it is the coexistence of energy and matter. The perceptions formed in the mind using imagination are the truth for the perceiver only. Aligning the perceived reality with actual reality is the purpose of living for all human beings. They need to channelize the power of imagination to be able to understand and know the reality as it actually exists, and be blissful.