Author: Oscar Wilde


Author Name : Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde was a literary genius who lived in accordance with his existential and aesthetic views. A great observer of human behavior and a master of wit, Oscar’s writings revealed a lot of nuances in human relationships. Although the study and knowledge about human beings was incomplete till the times of Mr. Wilde, he tried to express through the quote that backstabbing is an unnatural trait that is not wanted by any human being. In all humility, adding colors to this wonderful quote is a privilege which I humbly accept.
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No human being wishes to harm other human beings. Hostility with other human beings is not a normal human behavior. Enmity and backstabbing is not in accordance with the natural, existential truth of the human beings. Nature has evolved us to live together in harmony. We are not solitary creatures like the tiger, bear, etc., rather ones who live in communities. In the absence of complete knowledge and a lack of universal human behavior, humans created a perception that was not in line with the actuality. The solution is in creating a society that nurtures innate traits of righteousness and truthfulness in human beings. Harmonious coexistence is the reality and human beings need to appreciate the same.