Author: Nelson Mandela


Author Name : Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is a 20th-century symbol of resistance against inequality, racism, and poverty. He inspired generations to stand up against injustice and aristocracy. This quote from Mandela shows that he rightly understood the importance of education and urged people to get educated. However, the current system of academic education and the process of providing degrees and certificates has the limited purpose of teaching survival skills and not life skills.
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The current education system is outdated and has outlived its life cycle. It neither teaches people to live nor prepares them to make a living. The existential need of human beings is to evolve into the next species with human values and humane nature. Education is still not poised in that direction. To bring about the desired change in the world, people need to be educated to align their behavior with human values that are innate and inborn in them.