Author: Napoleon Bonaparte


Author Name : Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte is known for his organizational skills, ethics, and tactics. He was the finest military leader in French history. A great statesman, Napoleon was known for his ideals of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity, Noble Goals, and Values as much as he was known for his intelligence, military strategies and tactical handling of armies. For most of his life, Napoleon experienced war and collisions and there was no availability of true knowledge in his times either. That being the case, his quote talks about dealing with the enemy while in
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Human beings can’t be enemies to each other. They have naturally evolved to live in coexistence. The ideas of rivalry, hate, and enmity came into human imagination when false beliefs were formed in the absence of complete knowledge of life and nature. Human beings used their beliefs to navigate through life. With time, they shunned some false beliefs, while retaining others. However, until the dawn of the all-inclusive and absolute knowledge of coexistentialism, the knowledge that human beings had, largely remained a guesswork-with so many missing links. Now, with the coming of the complete and practicable philosophy of coexistence, it can be verified that all human beings are by nature good and righteous. In their real nature (that is ever free from false beliefs), no human being wants to hurt or defeat the other human beings for his own good.