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Mark Twain

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Mark Twain

Considered as the father of American literature, Mark Twain remains an inimitable icon of American culture. He was one of the greatest satirists and humorists to ever have existed. Mark was also a humanitarian and social commentator against snobbery, racism, human exploitation, and other social evils. That said, Mark lived in times when inequality and social injustice were widespread. During these times, the majority agreed upon unvalidated orthodox beliefs and practices. In all humility, I would like to add more context and complete this thought in light of existential reality.

Majority or minority are human constructs and are not found in existence. All creatures are uniquely magnificent and at the same time, all life is bound by mutual support and interdependence. Human beings are no exception. All human beings by birth have uniform intrinsic features of righteousness and truthfulness. However, These innate qualities of goodness are eclipsed when human perception goes wrong in the presence of erroneous and unverified beliefs in society & culture.

With the introduction of the Internet and distributed knowledge, it is now possible for more and more people to look at different views from many angles. Once the critical mass of good and open people is connected and working the tradition and culture will start talking about “us” and “we” as a species, and do away with the “them”, “they” or “others”.