Author: Charles Darwin


Author Name : Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin is one of the greatest scientists whose contributions to evolutionary biology changed the way human beings see the world. His works have influenced a wide range of disciplines from Science and Philosophy to other Social sciences. Darwin tried to understand humans with reference to the animals and the theory of Survival of the fittest evolved. The problem is that animal consciousness is based on greed, affection, and benefits for the self. Human consciousness, on the other hand, is based on truth, justice, and humane value systems.
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Theory of Survival of the Fittest did serve humanity to a great extent but now it has already outlived its utility. Coexistence is now starting to make sense all around. Human beings are beginning to understand that earth has abundant material and using it prudently is what human beings need to do. Coexistence is reality and not the competition. Understanding and practising coexistence is the sole purpose of human beings, in the same way as everything in nature is in alignment and in a progressive path. What is seen as survival or adaptability or anything else is just nature’s way of balancing itself; herbivores keep control of the growth of plants and Carnivores keep control of the herbivores. Every element- plants, trees, animals or other substances- on earth live in harmony and are at complete peace with each other.