Author: Carl Jung


Author Name : Carl Jung

Carl Jung is one of the most renowned psychologists and psychiatrists of the 20th century. He is credited with giving analytic psychology and developing the concepts of extraverted and introverted personalities, archetypes, and the collective unconscious. Jung’s work has been influential in different fields of psychology as well as in the study of religion, literature, etc. However, in this quote, Carl misunderstood the concept of consciousness and wrongly associated it with pain.
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Consciousness means awareness which is the property of the conscious atom of life- soul. The consciousness is always there and the pain or pleasure is something the sentient being makes out of past learnings stored in his hard drive or Brain. Every human being when born is pure. He is endowed with imagination and that can only go as far as he learns from the social cloud. He collects bits of information and creates his own stories with those puzzle pieces which form his perception. Once this perception aligns with reality as it is, there is always bliss. If it does not, pain follows.