Author: Barack Obama


Author Name : Barack Obama

Barack Obama, the first black president of the United States, is an exemplar of endurance and determination. As the 44th president, he did notable work in healthcare reforms, the education sector, climate change, immigration policy, etc. Coming to the quote, Barack is absolutely right in urging people to be truthful. What he missed is that God is an imaginative product of human intellect and belief systems.
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Human beings need not fear the concept of God to speak the truth. Truth or honesty are words invented by mankind to express the fundamental trait that every human being is born with and longs for. The society has failed in ensuring the culture of truthfulness till the current times. Therefore, Man will keep exploring and seeking till he finds that truthful behavior in himself and in others. God is the all-pervading omnipresent finite energy that energizes and puts the matter into motion. With the complete knowledge about God and about human beings, the behavior of human beings will follow a fixed humane nature and create a utopia.