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Ayn Rand

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Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand is known for her best selling novels, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. She disseminated the philosophy of objectivism which promotes the idea that human knowledge and values are objective. Ayn’s works inspired people around the world to discard conventional ways of living and pursue a refined life. However, the above quote needs modifications in light of the Coexistence philosophy. In all humility, adding the right context to this phrase is a privilege which I humbly accept.

Truth is universal, truth is eternal. Truth is where all divergent belief systems will converge in. This is what society/religion/tradition taught everyone till the advent of the industrial revolution and consumerism. Post consumerism material substance became the goal/objective of human beings. Minimalism & climate change & technology have now brought truth back to the forefront. Religion, Economy, Consumerism all will lead to existential reality which is the truth.

Human beings, as per the coexistence philosophy, have an innate affinity towards truth. Every human being, though actively seeking or not, is satiated and satisfied in knowing the truth.