Author: Albert Einstein


Author Name : Albert Einstein

Einstein, being the genius that he was, always encouraged innovation. In this quote also, he tried to convey the message that mistakes will happen when trying to do anything new. Innovation is important and must be encouraged, but the wrong understanding of ‘mistakes’ that people have also needed to be corrected. This is where this quote is incomplete. A mistake is never without the limited knowledge of it being right and in the best interest of the person doing it. A mistake is the manifestation of incorrect understanding.
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Human beings are never wrong. They never make a mistake. They do things as per their understanding of the subject. Improving the understanding and the ways of ensuring correct understanding can go a long way in avoiding mistakes. The limiting factor is the knowledge and once full knowledge is gained, mistakes can never happen. Knowledge is finite and Man has now achieved it and everyone has to validate it for himself and start living it for it to become a culture and tradition.