Identifying Good Consultants — Evaluation Matrix

Posted On: March 11, 2014

Every business owner wants to select a good consultant from a large number of business advisers available within their industry. Identifying a good consultant may be a difficult exercise, particularly for those who don’t have the experience of selecting the right consultant for their business issues.

There are many successful consultants across the consultant fraternity which makes it confusing for the business leaders to select the best consultant (for their problem) among the bunch of specialists.

Each consultant has different ways of handling the matters and as a business owner; you ought to determine the right consultant for the hurdles you face in your business.

Besides the academic and professional credentials of the consultant, selections are mostly based on what the consultant says and presents in front of you. The selections are not always right, resulting in use of wrong approach and diversion from the business goals and vision.

The confusion becomes even worse when most consultants you interview are able to present themselves as competent and promising at the first meeting. The way forward is to recognize the best candidate for your problem with the help of these qualities given below that expert consultants possess:

Trust Based Partnerships vs Project Based Partnerships

The biggest concern of business owners is “how to trust a consultant before investing a substantial amount in his services??”

Trust based partnerships are long-term relationships based on trustworthiness whereas project based partnerships are limited to a single project. A Good Consultant’s relationship with your business is trust based and he will be curious to know about your business and the people associated, like employees, partners, customers and prospects, etc.

Consultants who show interest in your vision & goals are keen on building long-term relationships with you and your organization

They turn out to be amongst few of the associates of yours who truly understand the potentiality of your vision and come up with the customized solutions to hit those targets in your industry that you as a business owner always wanted to.

Elite Consultants want their clients to be on top and besides the monetary gains; their real rewards consist of their clients’ success. They know that the overall measure of their success depends on the outcomes of the projects they take.

This being the reason why they are eager to build relationships with businesses and at all the occasions their focus is centered on long-term goals; unlike the other consulting professionals who come in for a certain project and then disappear. The former ones build trust based relationships with their clients and not project based.

Wise consultants know that unless they deliver desired results and unless clients begin trusting them, their success remains incomplete. They know that a consultant’s success is directly proportional to his client’s success.

Collaborative Approach

It is inappropriate to think that a good consultant will have answers to all your problems at the very first encounter. The Right consultant will never try to make you believe that he knows it all. He will provide any judgment after examining the methodologies you follow and going through the faults, minutely.

A good consultant never exaggerates or overstates. He is busy reflecting on your present problems and exploring your business than selling himself for the future projects. His communication is effective and his approach is cooperative and free from any pressure.

The ability to communicate effectively is crucial for a consultant in order to build trust and have a clear understanding of what clients need. A Good Consultant builds a great rapport with your team as well as the clients.

He unites himself with your team and this combination brings results that exceed expectations and bring the best out of your team. As a result,the performance improves and the company start marching towards the goals envisaged at a steady pace.

Hence, it is clear that Consultants following a collaborative & friendly approach are a correct choice for any business owner.

Delivering Customized Solutions

Gone are the days when Consultants provided precooked solutions to your business problems. The businesses are changing at an extraordinary speed now and older methods no longer function.

With the advent of a wide-range of technologies in the business world, many business models have become obsolete and new adaptable business models are developing.

Consultancy comes into action after the problems are located and analyzed. Any reliable consultant in this era will never sell ready-made consulting solutions for a variety of troubles being faced within different businesses.

This is the reason why we do not recommend advisers who bring a “know-it-all” attitude, before critically analyzing their prospects’ business and issues therein

Accomplished Consultants have a fresh perspective and follow a proactive approach comprising of latest industry solutions and based on users’ needs.

They have a tendency to deliver customizable solutions for your business, rather than the age-old prepared methods that neglect the industry needs completely.

Good Consultants always keep an eye on the latest updates and solutions in the industry and they try to make the most out of these trends for their clients.

Commitment and Values

The Best consultants are committed to the projects they take and have certain values towards what they do. Their conditions are transparent, their agreements are fair and their terms are easy to understand.

Consultants, who are fit to be your long-term partner, keep their focus on saving the resources wherever necessary and know how to put your limited resources to optimum use.

They handle your projects as their own because their goals that are in common with their clients i.e. the success of the project currently being worked on.

The difference between proactive consultants and the rest is that the former ones are able to see the project through the eyes of the business owner, as if they are handling their own business.

The latter ones see the projects through a “hired consultant’s” eye and work like an outsider and their goals are never in line with the vision of the business.

Thus, a business owner should always hire a consultant who is committed, true to the end and one whose professional goals are no different from his clients’ goals.

There exist other qualities as well that various consultants possess, depending upon their industry, traditions and other factors. Nevertheless the above mentioned traits are most recommended for identifying and hiring an accomplished consultant, be it any industry vertical.

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