Humans are a Collective lot and should act Duly

Posted On: February 13, 2019

According to the Existential reality, we human beings are a perfect blend of the most advanced physical body and the life-atom or soul, which resides in the body and energizes it. Interacting with each other and trying to collect good experiences is the obvious and sole purpose of our existence as human beings. It is a positive spiral wherein we get good experiences and behave better, and by behaving better, we create more good experiences.

Coexistence is the purpose of all our interactions and of different experiences that we gain. Nonetheless, we are divided into countries, castes, societies, empires, and ideologies. We place this futile segregation above the human race. We consider our religious dogma, ethnic identity, and geographical boundary as our existential reality.

There exists a delusive fear that if we are not identifying ourselves with any ideology, religion or a side so to say, we are unworldly or ignorant. We must take sides and belong to an ideology to validate our existence in this civilized jungle. This happens to be the root of all the segregation and differences between human beings.

Over time, our education system led us into ‘inhuman interpersonal behavior’ and our society embedded an intolerant culture. Consequently, we grew ignorant of the fact that we have to be in sync and cultivate coexistence to survive as a species. The same ignorance is the genesis of problems like inequality, racism, poverty, corruption, terrorism, climate change, etc.

“Coexistence is reality, and human beings are marching towards that understanding. World peace and harmony can be achieved once coexistence is practiced”.

The Potential inside everyone is infinite, and no one is in any way inferior. The difference is all that is imbibed during the process of growing up.

With language, culture, and consciousness, we are the most unique and most advanced amongst all species on this planet. Individually we are minuscule creatures, but together we create incredible civilizations as complex as our human world on planet earth.

Working together in cooperation is an aspect that helps us to achieve great feats that are out of reach of the individual. We need to stop pitting our wits against each other and work as a collective lot, to speed up the human evolution tremendously. We are failing to unite, and this is drifting humanity apart and all modern day problems continue to exist.

“The purpose of life has to be understood to continue performing actions without feeling tired”.

Identifying the individual potential and enjoying doing swadharma (our individual duties) as mentioned in the Bhagwad Gita remains the plan of action for each human being. Individual actions must also align with the purpose of humanity, i.e., coexistence.

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