An open letter to Twentysomethings

Posted On: January 23, 2020

Dear Millennials,

You are the most vibrant generation so far. You are cosmopolitans following the global culture. Your childhood belonged to the “Old World” and your adulthood represents the “New World”. You have witnessed transformations that changed the course of human life. You are the first generation of the globalized and modernized society.

You are privy to all kinds of knowledge and information, you explore beyond what culture and education instill in you. Your worldview is not confined, rather wide open. This is what your strength is.

Twenties are the period of insecurities, doubts, and disappointments concerning your relationships, career, and finances. It is the age where things happen at a rapid pace, often leaving you with the fear of missing out or FOMO as you would say.

Bills, finances, friends-relationships, travel goals, reading lists, and skills to master… you have too much on your plate. Over and above that, you are never sure whether you are on the right track or not. Where does your true potential lie? What is your calling? Just when you feel you have figured it all out, life hits you with harsh reality checks. Back to square one.

Fret not, this phase will pass leaving you with experiences, learning, and the fruits of your labor. You are not alone, all twentysomethings are going through some similar experiences. Social media feeds of your peers may speak contrary but in reality, they are the same as you.

Being the nonconformist generation that you are, you can not only live a resolved and content life but also establish an evolved society where harmony, compassion, and love are the norms. With the exposure, knowledge, and facilities bestowed upon your generation, you have the potential to bring about the needed social reforms.

You have the opportunity to study human beings and existence without any ambiguity. It is your era when mankind has finally discovered the true and complete knowledge of life and existence, free of all assumptions and hypotheses.

Having understood human values and principles of reality, I would like to give you some nuggets of advice to help you live a resolved life without complexities and abnormalities.

First of all, keep things simple and real.

Interact with yourself, with others, and with nature in just, honest, and humane ways. To be harmony with yourself, answer all the questions thrown up by your imagination. To be in harmony with others, discharge responsibilities blooming from each and every relationship. To be in harmony with nature, follow the laws of nature.

Making your life miserable or blessed depends on whether your action reconciles with your speech and thoughts. So keep your thoughts, speech, and actions aligned. Your life will be joyful and content.

Understand the interconnectedness of everything in this universe. Understand the role of each and every element in the whole.

Understanding everything starts from the simple straight logic of evolution and how the universe is. Every individual cell and element is complete in itself and works in harmony with the bigger system of existence, life.

Having this profound knowledge which is too simple to believe in, has made me happy forever and you can check and validate it. You can learn to live humanely by studying the Principles of Coexistence. Your understanding will help you eliminate false beliefs and practices that push you into materialistic, superficial living. 

This is what you need to abide by and coexistence will be established. This can be a pursuit that you can embark upon to make life meaningful.


Anand Damani

Anand Damani Author at Medium

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor, and Philosopher of Humanism

Writes about Human Behaviour, Universal Morality, Philosophy, Psychology, and Societal Issues.

Anand aims to help complete and spread the knowledge about Universal Human Values and facilitate their practice across sex, age, culture, religion, ethnicity, etc.

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