9 Ways to Breaking the Ice and Reaching out for Consulting Business

Posted On: October 25, 2016

Being a Consultant, knowing how to communicate clearly and effectively with clients is critical in leading your firm and selling your business ideas.

Even though you are a technical wizard in your domain, you are at sea when it comes to showcasing your expertise in a meeting. You are neither an Orator or not a trained speaker. You know those moments when your tongue gets tied up. You end up blowing away the opportunity for a potentially great lead.

If you don’t want that happen to you again, use these 9 Icebreakers to start a conversation with almost anyone. The trick behind each successful conversation is making others feel good about themselves without Sounding lame.

1. Ask their Thoughts:

Like every individual, each unique prospect you come across, will have their own view on business, life and the world. So take that to your benefit and begin asking them questions like: what do you think of this town? Are you usually active of do you prefer to just relax in your free time?

Stick with simple subjects first which will help you switch to more serious topics. Observe the surrounding environment. It will enable you to enter into a quick, engaging conversation. It’ll be great if you lead the conversation with your own thoughts around intriguing topics, to make it look natural.

2. Start with a Compliment:

When the compliment is real, it makes everyone feel good. We all like compliments. We always respond well to them and appreciate anyone who utters them. I personally like to engage with someone by mentioning something unique or positive about them or a characteristic of theirs, followed by a question.

Regardless of whom you are speaking to, giving a compliment about their attire, gadgets, or even temperament will usually be received well. Whether it’s a wrist watch, phone, bags anything will work.

3. Ask a Question:

Any question will serve as an icebreaker. Don’t hesitate to ask even if you already know the answer. This is because asking questions can turn out to be useful conversation starter. Questions like: “Well, I have no clue what dish that is. Can you help me?” might be enough to break the ice. When you ask for some information, it’s human nature to try and answer. So it is likely that the other person will answer your question. Once that is done, the conversation can proceed from there.

4. Share your Experiences:

Some people tend to open up only after you come up with a little details about yourself before you ask for theirs. Think of a topic that closely relates to the current situation you’re in and just say it.

I waited for seven hours at the airport the other day, Hope weather turns out fine this Sunday. If you’re honest with your thoughts, it is natural for the listener to open up to your direct sincerity and hop into the conversation.

5. Open-ended Questions:

Yes-NO Questions are the biggest conversation killers. They usually lead you into tedious and uninteresting talks that no one wants to be a part of. So it is better to keep the discussion engaging with open ended questions. Instead of asking them whether they’ll have a drink, you can ask, What drink are you getting? Great. Can you recommend what I should have? The possibilities are endless — just perceive different ways in which events are likely to develop.

6. Discuss their interests:

Everyone loves to share about their own life and interests with others. Whether it’s family, occupation, cuisine, or an ideal holiday destination. So use that to your advantage. Pick any interest as common as music. Ask if the other person loves music. If so, mention an artist you’ve recently listened to. If the other person is a technology and electronics geek, talk about the latest gadgets you’ve been noticing at the mall or in the news. Nothing is better to start a conversation than the topic the other person is passionate about.

7. Tell about Yourself:

Well, this place is getting noisy. Mind if I join you over here where it’s a little quieter? As surprising as this sounds, people feel more special if you approach them straightforwardly. It takes determination to walk up to a stranger and initiate the talk. The listener recognizes and respects your confidence and opens up.

8. What do you do for Fun:

Asking questions about people’s hobbies aside from work can help strengthen a connection. This can bring some liveliness and humor into the discussion. Everybody has a hobby. Some like adventure, others like to paint — be it anything, your goal is to pat into their space. Know what interests them, and come up with a mutual topic of discussion. Even if you don’t share the same hobbies, try to appreciate it. Maybe you will learn a thing or two from them.

9. Tell them why you’ve been wanting to meet them:

Another simple method to start conversation with any prospect is by simply telling them that you want to meet them. Then tell them the purpose of meeting. See to it that your words should not sound like a sales pitch. Never ever initiate the conversation by introducing your product. Rather the better way is to tell them that you want to learn more about what they do and what are their priorities.

Besides, setting a comfortable and open atmosphere is important before getting any conversation started. Another point to remember is that, icebreakers need to be fun and engaging. Hopefully the above listed icebreakers will help you start the conversation with each unique prospect you come across.

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