Author: Sigmund Freud


Author Name : Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud’s is a highly revered figure in the history of psychology. He greatly influenced how human beings came to understand the world and how it relates to the human mind. However, due to the absence of enlightenment about the co-existential reality of life during his times, Freud had a narrow view about the nature of life and its goal.
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The goal of life is not death but existing in coexistence. Life is always a celebration and enjoying it to the fullest is the purpose of life. Plants, insects, animals and other elements are blissful and exist in complete coexistence and harmony with each other. A human being is also supposed to be happy in the present and create happy interactions within himself, with other people, and with nature. This is the goal of life. Death is but another event that involves the separation of the incorporeal soul from the Physical body that it had adopted and energized.