Author: Helen Keller


Author Name : Helen Keller

Helen Keller is the symbol of the human being’s capacity to withstand the severest of adversities. Despite being differently-abled, Keller went on to become one of the leading humanitarians of the 20th century. The times she lived in saw two world wars. She was right in those times of distress when she described life as either a daring adventure or nothing at all because the existential reality of coexistence was not known to humanity.
Providing nuggets of wisdom on popular sayings
‘Life is always a celebration and enjoying it to the fullest is the purpose of life’. Life is no daring adventure but an opportunity to know the reality. Existence is full of love and abundance. Coexisting with other human beings and nature, and creating beautiful memories in every interaction is a simple purpose of living. Every one of us is participating in this voyage or journey of life and being a good living person spreading good teachings around is all we have to do.