Author: George Bernard Shaw


Author Name : George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw, the literary genius, was also a playwright, critic, novelist, and political activist. He influenced western theatre, culture, and politics to a great extent. Shaw was a free thinker and an opinionated intellectual. Through his plays and writings, Shaw addressed prevailing social problems of his times such as gender and economic inequality. With all respect to Shaw’s intellect and wisdom, I would like to correct and complete this quote in light of valid existential knowledge.
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Life is neither about finding yourself nor about creating yourself. Life is about knowing your existential reality as a human being and staying in that default natural state at all times. Human beings need to do away with all the unnatural ways of life fueled by unverified and erroneous beliefs. They need to check and validate all the beliefs and give up the false ones, in order to align their perception with reality. A human being is perfect how he is — a perfect blend of never depleting consciousness and the most evolved physical body. Happiness and righteousness are his innate traits. Living by these innate traits, experiencing the reality, and nourishing the body is all a human being has to do. There is no scope for creating anything. Life is there to experience and live in the right and natural way.