Understanding and Doing

Posted On: April 16, 2020

Human beings function and survive in this phenomenal world through understanding. Without understanding and creating a perception, no human being can function in reality.

Human beings are the only species who understand words and the concept behind the words. ‘Understanding’ and ‘doing’ are two different parts. Some animals, say your dog, will understand your words as certain types of noises and sounds. However, the dog cannot understand the concept or the meaning behind the word. Your dog will follow your instructions like fetching the stick, or bringing you the newspaper. You can also train your dogs to perform certain actions. However, if you try to explain to your dog the meaning and significance of circumference of a circle or volume or a cube. it will not be able to understand. You cannot explain these things to animals. You cannot teach human behavior to an animal and expect it to understand.

Only human beings understand the meaning attached to any word. The reality of anything is best indicated/signified through the meaning or concept behind the word. The meaning or concept behind the word is the existential reality and not the word in itself. This is something only human beings can understand.

knowing and doing

Now it’s up to us to decide, whether we want to live within the limits of functioning/surviving like animals or rise above and start existing within the structure of understanding?

With the help of understanding and comprehending, a man is able to become resolved in himself. The resolved individuals then create prosperity in the family, and fearlessness in the society. Once this is achieved, the human species becomes able to witness the ultimate reality of coexistence all around them. This is the only area where the right application of human understanding, human awareness is possible. A simple mantra to verify and validate your understanding:

If you have understood this, you will be able to live it.
If you have not understood, you will not be able to live it.

Living is the proof, living is the testimony that you have understood. If you are not able to live it, it means you have not understood it.

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