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My life is a living example of harmonious existence with no agitated state in life.Knowledge that is practiced has been understood and everything else is academic jargon.I write about universal problems and universal solutions

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Manufacturing Industry

From batch processing to assembly line production to mining & logistics, my experience with various industries has enabled me to become adept at production process.

International Trade

I provide newer approaches to business efficiency & opportunity using technology to a customer base of over 200 global Startups & SME businesses.

Software and Web Development

I leverage my traditional strengths and technologies to take full advantage of e-business by capitalizing on the growth and productivity.

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Partnership Program

Exclusive solutions to grow your business, better meet your customer needs and increase profitability with extensive resources.

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I have been aggressively pursuing and looking at opportunities over various industry verticals and started off on many industry specific portals which have been online and building up user base. But regular upkeep of the same had been too taxing and as time went by they started to look obsolete and required more upkeep.

I have taken some of them off the web while quite many of them are online.


IT Industry

Galaxy Weblinks is the company that I have built and set up and nurtured in the last decade. From a single portal which was developed by an alien software company to a custom software development company in itself has been a path full of ups and downs . It has been a journey of online interaction with hundreds of people discussing future, diversity in the usage patterns digital revolution, online branding, B2B-B2C concepts , new terminology gadgets and systems. I can go on endless but the bottom line remains that among them any losers are winners who have created history.

IT Industry

Chemical Industry

Having managed chemical manufacturing activity for over two decades, I have been involved actively in all departments from shop floor to the research and development. With the changing technologies and ecological concerns there are a lot of areas wherein we need to be updated in running and managing a chemical manufacturing business.

I can help you analyze your business and give it direction for growth, connect you to the right persons and help you move forward.

Chemical Industry

Printing Industry

From letter press to web2print, Printing has come a long way. From substrate to process of printing to print finishing, everything is changing and changing fast.

Be it offset printing or web printing I can help all companies to improve their efficiency and remove redundancy of work and help them plan technology up-gradation with timely payback periods.

Printing Industry