I have interacted with people from Japan Germany and England and discussed all sorts of subjects and found Anand to have brains in every part of his body.Being a bright and talented person he picked up the Knowledge of Printing Industry in months what took me decades to know and learn. Today he is extremely knowledgeable about all facets of Printing Industry from pre-press to print-finish and bindery and is an invaluable asset to look up to.

Sivakasi, President

It’s amazing how quickly he completed Chartered Accountancy course when you think about all the stuff that he did on the side.Anand is a super talented leader to have in your team… He is a multi talented person who knows his role best to his ability… Also, his helping nature holds him way high. A very good motivator and a very humane nature makes him the ultimate choice for a leader in a team. All the best for all his future endeavours.

Ashok Kavad
Chennai, President ICAI

The one consistent thing is his dedication, attention to detail and willingness to go that extra mile in detailing things out.Among the next generation in our family I see him moving far ahead in life.

Chennai, President FPTA

Anand is a very technology focused and detailed oriented individual whose contribution was key to any activity. He went above and beyond to understand business requirements and then work constantly with his team as well as on-site technical leads to design, develop and implement business solutions. I would strongly recommend him as a software developer with excellent technical skills.

Ken Morgan
National Marketing Director

Anand is very hard working, technically sound and task oriented person. He works with a very positive and “CAN-DO” attitude. He takes care of assigning tasks and deliverable’s with complete responsibilities and ownership. Being very sharp technically he is always willing to do what it took to get the job done and built strong relationships with everyone he worked with.He always came up with innovative solutions to problems and looked at solutions from within the problems and helped us develop a product which we had not visualized.

Paul Dehart
Florida USA, Attorney BLUE TOAD INC

Anand is a very talented with excellent expertise in a number of technical areas.It is fun to discuss life and things beyond business with him. He has an exceptional skill to distil confusion and convert them into clear thinking, see the connections and then communicate and find an opportunity in every problem that is brought up to him.Such positive attitude makes a lasting impression on everyone who has shared some business relation with him and the effect leaves you a changed man for the rest of your life.He has in him enough energy and stamina to take the whole industry to the next level.

Dilip Raghavan