Get out of this place (Sivakasi) and explore the world.Your talent needs you to move out and not confine yourself to a single field, domain or region. Float around…

Navratan Daga
Sivakasi Trustee

Anand is a highly competent manager, but retains the spark, big ideas and imagination of a hungry entrepreneur. He is a pleasure to work with, and I am very impressed with his ability to juggle numerous big projects adeptly without sacrificing attention to detail.He has been a joy to work with and is a driving force at the Galaxy Weblinks team in every respect. He has an uncanny talent for staying on top of everything as a leader no matter how busy or over-whelming things may get, has a keen eye for detail, perfection and a great ability to motivate everyone he works with.

Brad Wriedt
Florida USA, Entrepreneur and Founder Blue Toad Inc USA

From the day Anand walked into our plant 23 years ago looking for Organic Pigments for trading we have been associated.He soon joined us as a partner and helped us improve our Quality and Consistency as if he was a technical guy. Having set us on the course he moved on and is today connecting to the world with his internet operations. As our partner even today he continuously steers us to improve quality and maintain consistency without the mumbo jumbo of multinational corporations.

Bhanubhai Patel
Trimurthy dyechem industries, Ankleshwar

As a partner of over 20 years Anand has been a constant support in all endeavours and helped us keep at the forefront of technologies be it flushed paste pigments or resin coated pigments..His creative flair brought an interesting aspect to the Plant size and vision for Ramdev Chemicals, raising the bar and making it a world class unit and increasing sales through the medium of Internet and regular market pitch. He is methodical in his approach, imaginative in his delivery and resolute in his follow up.We have in Anand a dependable source to keep us on track with the latest on the industry floor or the internet.

Suresh Italia
Ankleshwar, Ramdev Chemical Industries, Pigment exporter to over 50 countries

To Anand drafting Income tax appeals was like fish taking to Water.He had that tacky habit of laying the arguments in such logical order that the decision was gained in our favor just by sheer presenting of the appeals. He excelled in understanding diverse businesses and designing custom made audit controls in a natural way.

Ashok Kumbhat
Mumbai, Platinum Sponsor

Anand is a broad range inter-discipline visionary missile with a 24/7 battery life.I’ve learned more about segmentation and social media marketing from Anand than from any other person in the business. He is always a step ahead of the rest of us, charting the unknown and making it readily understandable for the rest of us, sensing where the world is going through his logical interpretation.Anand has a spectacular way of thinking / creative and provides excellent insights. His knowledge and use of different sources of information helps take the research findings into higher levels Anand and his team will find a new and effective way to maximize your ROI.

Eric Melin
Digital marketing Consultant