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“Anand is a research consultant who can really get to the heart of the issue and provide solutions which are as quick and simple or as detailed and structured as the situation requires. He applies his knowledge of his craft to specific business issues in a very effective manner and ensures all the work he does is actionable and specific. He is always full of energy, enthusiasm and is always looking for ways to communicate research outcomes in an ‘un-research’, marketer-oriented way. Despite his academic background, one of his many strengths is the ease with which he can cross into areas such as technology, platform and his comfortable grasp of the quantitative. This rare quality gives him an edge, when dealing with strategic, multi-discipline projects and whilst engaging with senior management.“

Sandeep Agarwal - Ahmedabad, Director Ambuja Group

“Anand is probably one of the most professional guys I’ve had the pleasure to meet. He has a true passion for creating new stuff and a real passion for startups. He’s a great guy with a great attitude towards life . He is possibly the most business minded and forward thinking entrepreneur I have come across. He is typically several years ahead of the rest when it comes to knowing where the telecom and internet industries are heading, which makes him a gold mine for VCs. He works hard, knows the right people everywhere, and gets things done. He is inspiring and motivating, but also not afraid to make tough decisions when needed. And you can count on being taken by surprise by his sharp and rather cynical sense of humor.”

Ramesh Patodia, Hemant Shah - Mumbai, Founder CHEMB. Now acquired by Vijay Goradia Chem XL,USA.

“Anand is very sharp technically and is always willing to do what it took to get the job done and built strong relationships with everyone he worked with. He has the understanding power to digest information about a new business and understand the same he always has his eyes on the ball, and doesn’t miss much. He’s a quick thinker, works on his toes and is very innovative in his approach. He is result-oriented, has a keen business-ethic, gets down to the job quickly and gets it done. He’s also real fun to work with him.”

Nirav Raveshia - President, Worlds Largest Paint Association

“Among all the articles who have passed CA in our office Anand stands out as some one who completed the course in the shortest time and proved that CA is a not at all a difficult course.”

Ajit Kumbhat - President TNCA

“Besides being a joy to work with, Anand is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and is a true innovator in the customised software arena. Not one to sit still and be satisfied with merely “meeting expectations,” Anand leverages his vast subject matter expertise into a focused and highly effective practice in one of the today’s most competitive markets. Simply said, there is not anyone I would trust more if you are seeking to improve your results in customized web development.”

Dr. Sagar Galwankar - MBBS, DNB, MD, MPH, Diplomat. ABEM

“I have found Anand to have detailed and deep knowledge of his market and also a wealth of contacts in a very dynamic region. His work was always very thorough. His is an extremely affable person doted with a lot of patience and wisdom.He managed his chemical Factory with such systematic work that would have been a lesson for large multinational corporations.“

Mr. Patodia - President Mumbai Kanoria Chemicals

“I have seen lots of Young men coming to Mumbai and getting carried away by the glamour and show. Anand is committed and focused on how far he should Indulge and shows perfect cool poise in places people lose control.”

Kirit Bhuta - FCA Forex Expert ,Managing Director

“You need to be Practical in your lofty goals.Pulling your Family together a smaller distance is a much better goal than moving ahead alone and reaching out very far."

R.Chockalingam - Sivakasi

“Anand is more than a service provider. On the projects i have seen him work on, he brings in some in-depth understanding of the category and his own field. He is very consistent and reliable. It is a pleasure to see high-quality output every time. He goes beyond the brief, value-adds to from the briefing to debriefing stages of the research process. He puts the business before anything else- this makes him flexible, open and committed. It has been a pleasure working with him and look forward to many more projects together.”

Herman O de Vries - Consultant, International Trading

“Anand can be obstinate at times but what is good about him is that he always has the greater good at heart – whether it is something in the client’s interest on projects or in the interest of the group when working in a team. He has wide rating knowledge on a variety of subjects and is always willing to share this knowledge. He ensures all the work he does is actionable and specific.”

Jim - US Healthmart, USA