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The Best Investment is Health

In life, nothing is more important than health & well being. Connect with me to lead a healthy lifestyle and achieve mental, physical, emotional & financial well being.

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Health & Well Being


Physical health is an asset that most businessmen forget to calculate until its all used up. The value of each organ and general physical health is not properly valued by people. It is something a person realizes only when he is deprived of the same. As long as one he is healthy and fine, man hardly realizes what an invaluable asset his body is to him.

Each single cell in the body keeps performing its functions thanklessly. In the mad race of life, everyone keeps stretching the body parts to the limits. He keeps punishing them for that late night party or an urgent meeting, that cheap flight, the free holiday earned, just this tender and the list can go on.

Every time he does an act that is not good for his physical health he justifies the same against the benefits gained. It is only when the machinery breaks down and the part complains of negligence, does he realize its value and then starts a process of reviving of preserving something that he had perfectly fit but did not value.


The human brain has immense capacity.

It is not possible to measure its capacity or its diversity. Scientists have been trying to analyze and study it and keep discovering more about the same. The biological mass of layers is too complicated to decipher. Its links to physical strength or tolerance and emotional feelings of love and hatred or all bundled up. The more you strain the brain the more sharper it becomes. Knowledge is the only thing that you can distribute and still keep it with you. It only adds up. The more you give the more you are left with.

There is a variety of techniques and practices of improving mental skills and they all aid in improving mental health. Finding someone utilizing the full potential of his brain is very rare. Making it a habit to set a goal reach it and then raise the bar is the best way to keep and maintain perfect mental health.

You can develop the habit of maintaining mental balance and health. Relaxing and exercising the brain is as essential as physical exercise. Having a sound mind gives you the advantage of sound decisions, which is imperative for functioning and achieving your goals.


Man is a social animal. But often the cause of one’s grief is other fellow human beings. Human emotions are very powerful. At times, emotions take over rational thinking, and people decide and act on the basis of those emotions and later regret the actions taken.

Emotional well-being refers to understanding the value of your emotions, and thereby using this information to enhance your life. Emotions are very important and integral part of one’s life. Sometimes emotions can lead you to success and otherwise can take you away from it. Understanding your emotions can be tricky, but is very essential to maintain balance in life.

There has been a realization around the globe about emotions and human performance leading to the concept of ‘emotional intelligence’. Emotional stability is also important to stay focused. If you get overwhelmed by emotions very easily then you lose your sense of direction and purpose in life. The emotional health of the individual, of the family, of the society are all interrelated and help in success.


Financial well being means being able to fulfill your needs. And according to the Bhagwad Gita needs never end, but only grow. Everybody wants to have an enjoyable life. But very few can define how much is enough. In this scenario, how to work and earn money that is enough. That is the real challenge in every one’s life.

This can only be achieved by proper planning. Setting of goals and working towards your goal through persistence. Rags to riches makes great stories, to go bit by bit like the tortoise in the tortoise and hare story is easier said than done. Often correct guidance in helping to set goals is very necessary. Having an unrealistic dream or having low self esteem could actually lead to setting erroneous goals.

With all my life lessons and experiences, I would consider it my pleasure to guide you through your goal setting. Leave a message and I will definitely get back to you.