Author: Mahatma Gandhi


Author Name : Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi has stated a profound thought about loving the sinner, since he acknowledged the inherent goodness in a human being and saw the sin as distinct from the sinner and not a characteristic of human beings. However, this thought remains incomplete as it does not enlighten us about the reality and the true nature of human beings. In reality both sinner and sin are non existent.
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There is neither sin nor sinner. Humans called sin to those things which they found bad but did not have proper knowledge about the same, so all those acts, which were not understood by the society were labeled as sin. The knowledge about human nature is now available and no human being is a sinner. The evil taking root in people will require us to study the human being and how people form an opinion. Intrinsically no Human being can be evil or support injustice.