Author: Henry Ford


Author Name : Henry Ford

Henry Ford was a visionary industrialist and innovator. He revolutionized assembly line production for the automobile industry. This made him a world-famous business leader of the 20th century. That said, the quote by henry ford was true for the time when thinking was equated with industrial innovation and fulfilling the material needs. There was no clear understanding of the ‘thinking process’ or ‘human beings’ back then.
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Thinking is never hard but a natural function that is always happening. Thinking is an activity done by one of the subatomic particles of the life-atom. It is a precursor and a prerequisite for any action that a human being can take. It is an activity that every human being is always doing. Being endowed with the power of imagination, human beings can keep thinking of anything and make their perception a reality that may not actually exist. Aligning thoughts with the actual reality is the purpose of life.