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I have been aggressively pursuing and looking at opportunities over various industry verticals and started off on many industry specific portals which have been online and building up the user base. But regular upkeep of the same had been too taxing and as time went by they started to look obsolete and required more upkeep.

I have taken some of them off the web while quite many of them are online.

I am interested in partnering with people who are from any of these industries and look at these business opportunities and would like to pursue the same. The back-end and the software part can be handled by my team and the financial and marketing part is to be handled by the incoming partner.

If any of these appeals to you and it sets your thoughts in motion about possibilities I am eager to give this a shot. Do let me have more details about you and how you plan to take the online portal to the industry on the action floor.

Schedule an appointment in case you are looking to make your business into the Digital arena or have another industry where you feel the digital world would be better able to generate an explosive growth.


Galaxy Weblinks is the company that I have built and set up and nurtured in the last decade. From a single portal which was developed by an alien software company to a custom software development company in itself has been a path full of ups and downs. It has been a journey of online interaction with hundreds of people discussing future, diversity in the usage patterns digital revolution, online branding, B2B-B2C concepts, new terminology gadgets, and systems. I can go on endless, but the bottom line remains that among them any losers are winners who have created history.

From the days of BG (before Google), the coming of Hotmail and its oblivion, YouTube, Facebook and Group on, I have seen the growth and been awe-stuck by the germination of ideas on the net.

While the core business continues to take to these developments slowly the new breed of online business has created a virtual economy in themselves.

In case you are interested in helping businesses in your country, reap the benefits of the internet and the information technology revolution. You can handle the front client end and help us understand their requirements and needs. If you are looking to entrust the back end to in India then we are in for a long-term mutually beneficial agreement.

I can water the sapling and help it grow into a fruit-bearing tree in a short time. Schedule an appointment and discuss your business with me and let me explore how I can add value to start your IT business.


Having managed chemical manufacturing activity for over two decades, I have been involved actively in all departments from the shop floor to the research and development. With the changing technologies and ecological concerns, there are a lot of areas wherein we need to be updated in running and managing a chemical manufacturing business.

I can help you analyze your business and give it direction for growth, connect you to the right persons and help you move forward. has been online and managed by me for over 14 years now and I have been connected with over 50 verticals in this trade.

Indian presence is now profitable for global entities and I can help them set up base in India or revamp restructure the existing setup. An efficient working model with due weight age to the cultural diversity within India will ensure successful operations in India. I can be the initiator to the chain reaction of improving productivity and efficiency.

Be it evaluating chemical business option in India or kick starting the business in agile mode with modifications midway as you move ahead you will find the knowledge and connections working to your advantage and save your money as well as time.

Schedule an appointment and discuss your business with me and let me explore how I can add value to your business.


From letter press to web2print, Printing has come a long way. From substrate to the process of printing to print finishing, everything is changing and changing fast.

Be it offset printing or web printing I can help all companies to improve their efficiency and remove redundancy of work and help them plan technology up-gradation with timely payback periods.

Substrate: Traditional paper or specialty paper (in sheets or in reels) to vinyl digital print media (Back-lit or Front-lit), I can help you connect to the perfect suppliers or good customers as your need might be.

Process: From Sheet fed offset printing to digital printing to intaglio printing I can help you have a smooth trouble free process and convert the substrate into a piece of art without any hiccup.

Vehicle: From identifying the perfect ink supplier to the perfect varnish to finishing, you can take my help in achieving your objective at a competitive price.

There are many other areas of printing that require expert knowledge and I have been involved in making publications go virtual and digital. Not only are publications now going digital but they are also now interactive and view able on the mobile handsets. The industry has taken a big leap and now digital publishing is also coming to be recognized as an extension of printing activity. Some other activities that I can help you with related to printing are security designing virtual.

Schedule an appointment and discuss your business with me and let me explore how I can add value to your business.